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Philanthropist and billionaire Patrick Carroll supports little girl with rare cancer: ‘I’m able to provide’

Mila Ivanoff and Patrick Carroll

Philanthropist Patrick Carroll – while touring the United States and giving out shoes to underserved children and communities – is turning his attention to Mila Ivanoff, a 10-year-old battling a rare form of cancer. 


Diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer – which only impacts about 2% of childhood cancers according to the American Cancer Society – Mila and her family quickly realized that the road ahead was long. After an aggressive cocktail of chemotherapy and surgery rid the little girl of cancer for about six months, her illness returned, forcing her parents to consider a non-FDA approved treatment plan only available in New York. Struggling with means to afford their daughter’s life-saving care and their move from Florida, Carroll stepped up to the plate. 


“The first time I heard about Mila I was meeting with a business associate and he shared her story,” Carroll told In Touch of his involvement with the Ivanoff family. “He knew her family and told me about 10-year-old Mila and her fight with cancer. I’m a father with three kids and it struck a chord with me. No one should have to go through this.” 


Discussing what motivated him to help the family financially during the long and winding road ahead, Carroll further revealed, “Mila is truly a little hero and when I heard her family needed financial support, I knew it is something I’m able to provide. … It’s a moment like this in life when I know I can make a difference in someone else’s life.  A 10-year-old little girl is starting round three of treatment and they need help.  Who wouldn’t if they could help financially?”


Carroll is known for his wide-reaching work alongside the Boys & Girls Club of America, partnering with “The Sneaker Don” Ben Kickz to give out $1 million worth of sneakers to kids in need. Having stopped in Tampa, Miami, Atlanta and New York, Carroll’s efforts as part of the Kickz For Kids campaign have moved forward quickly. 


“There is no better feeling than seeing how excited and proud these kids are when they get a new pair of really cool sneakers,” Patrick previously told In Touch of his efforts. “They’re surprised but so happy at the same time. I don’t know of a more genuine and fulfilling experience than I could imagine.” 


Bringing his two philanthropic efforts together, Mila and her family joined him at the Kickz For Kids in New York, meeting her and the Ivanoffs for the first time in person. 


“It was absolutely amazing to meet Mila and her family when they joined us at my Kickz For Kids event in New York,” Carroll told In Touch. “For this sweet young lady to come and help, when she is facing a fight for her life to make underprivileged children happy…was incredibly heartwarming!” 


Kickz For Kids will be reaching children in Washington, D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles in the coming months. You can donate to Mila’s cancer fund here


Excerpted from In Touch

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