Llorrac Holdings

Private Investments

By combining expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve built a track record of identifying emerging trends and creating immense value for our strategic partners."

Patrick Carroll, Founder

$ 1 B
Partner capital invested
while at CARROLL firm
$ 1 M
Commitments raised for largest
investment fund to date at CARROLL firm
1 x
Average gross realized equity
multiple over 11 years at CARROLL firm

Private Investments in Strategic Sectors

With a strong history of collaborative business development and a keen eye for emerging macro-trends, Llorrac Holdings excels at identifying opportunities for long-term investment and building lasting partnerships with skilled management teams.


We seek to find and capitalize on the untapped potential in a range of promising sectors including private equity, tech, real estate, venture capital, hedge funds, and private credit. With significant control over capital and the ability to be nimble in our decision-making, we are able to find entry points into encouraging markets, and move swiftly to maximize those opportunities.


Our hand-picked team has a track record of proven success and a history of building trusted partnerships. We leverage their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure the lasting value of each portfolio and realize the long-term vision of all stakeholders

Future Growth

Whether exploring opportunities in the alternative energy field, studying the insurance market, or investigating possibilities in on-trend consumer products, Patrick Carroll and his team are actively seeking strategic partnerships to fund long-term investments.

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