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People like to ask me for the secret of my success. The strategies the world’s most successful people employ are not copyrighted. Successful people love to share ideas. So read everything you can. Talk to accomplished people. Look for what works. And replicate it."

M. Patrick Carroll, Founder

The Man Behind
Llorrac Holdings

Following the successful sale of his fully integrated multifamily platform, CARROLL, founded in 2004, M. Patrick Carroll, a luminary in real estate investment and entrepreneurship, embarked on a new endeavor: to create a premier hybrid family office platform that capitalizes on his illustrious track record, influential relationships and personal wealth. This is Llorrac Holdings.


Between 2011 and 2021, CARROLL strategically prioritized volume under Patrick’s leadership. He spearheaded an elite acquisitions team, meticulously vetting thousands of deals and cultivating ties with more than twenty of the globe’s largest institutional equity investors. This strategy capitalized on historically low-interest rates, the ascendant status of multifamily as an institutional asset class, and exclusive relationships that yielded a robust off-market deal flow.


Llorrac Holdings is poised to echo the successful investment approach of CARROLL. Our strategy hinges on rigorous investment criteria and underwriting, emphasizing in-place cash flows. We will target markets exhibiting high growth and a conducive business environment with a focus on necessity-based sectors, such as housing.


A paramount competitive advantage for Llorrac Holdings lies in our ability to deploy our own formidable balance sheet to entirely fund deals. This affords us certainty in closing transactions and the agility to act swiftly when we have chosen to acquire an asset. Moreover, we intend to amplify our capital by collaborating with like-minded co-investors and lenders, enabling us to undertake larger investments and foster scalability.


M. Patrick Carroll’s legacy of recruiting exceptional minds endures at Llorrac Holdings. Complementing impressive resumes, strong characters, and commendable achievements, all partners and senior-level personnel at Llorrac Holdings actively partake in the ownership of our investments. This alignment of interests, proven in the past, instills a profound sense of ownership and responsibility throughout our team.

$ 1 B
Real estate
acquisition (1)
$ 1 B
Real estate
$ 1 B
Total transaction
volume since 2004
1 %
Average gross internal
rate of return on assets

Dynamic Leader, Innovative Investor

M. Patrick Carroll is the founder and CEO of the CARROLL firm and a nationally recognized leader in the real estate industry. His early residential investments in the Southeastern U.S. in 2004 produced opportunities to develop retail centers, mixed-use properties, and student housing. With the acquisition of three property management companies in 2009, he created the large-scale infrastructure that underpins CARROLL today.

Combining his experience with investment, property management, development, and construction, he converted a modest initial investment into a 30,000-unit portfolio. A disciplined investor, he has carefully balanced acquisitions and dispositions over two decades, resulting in $3.9 billion in sales proceeds.

While CARROLL’s property management platform was sold recently to RMR Group for $80 million, Carroll retains control of a large and impressive portfolio — more than 28,000 units spread across 81 properties, mainly in the Sunbelt, valued at $7 billion. He continues to cultivate relationships with institutional investors, lenders, and brokers, as well as on-site teams around the country. Carroll has a solid track record of attracting top talent and creating boundless opportunities for his team and investors by fostering an entrepreneurial culture. Indeed, he sees it as the key to continued growth.

Carroll strives to be a positive role model for his three sons and seeks to show younger generations there are multiple avenues to success. A big believer in giving back, he serves on the boards of the Jesuit High School Foundation (Tampa, Florida) and the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay, and is a member of industry affiliates. He has supported more than 50 charities worldwide with a focus on health, wellness, and early childhood development.

A Collector’s Eye

M. Patrick Carroll has a deep appreciation for art and he applies the same intuitive sense that has served him well in business to his patronship of artists who are pushing the boundaries of imagination. A passionate collector, he owns upward of 20 paintings, including works by American artists Jean-Michel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel, David Salle, and Johnny Robles.

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