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We can’t control markets, but we can master the self-discipline we need to ground our behavior in logic instead of emotion. The time is ripe for self-control.”

M. Patrick Carroll, Founder

$ 1 B
Assets under management
$ 1 B
Total transactions executed
by CARROLL since 2004
$ 1 B
Returned to investors

Real Estate Track Record

The CARROLL firm continues to control a large and desirable portfolio of 95 properties, comprising nearly 30,000 multifamily units concentrated in nine states largely across the Sunbelt and Western United States.


M. Patrick Carroll has long adhered to a proven and wildly successful model that he has spent almost two decades honing. By strategically identifying and acquiring underperforming multifamily properties in prime geographic locations with growing markets, and transforming them through repeatable value-add programs and rigorous attention to detail, he and his award-
winning team achieved an acquisition volume of $12.1 billion and a disposition volume of $9.5 billion over 19 years, generating an average gross realized internal rate of return for investors of 28.4%.


Case in point: The Hawthorne Portfolio, a group of 903 units spread between three properties in Atlanta, Nashville, Tennesee, and Charlotte, North Carolina, overseen by the firm’s ARIUM property management brand, is but one example of Carroll’s prowess in the multifamily sector.


Purchased by the CARROLL firm in 2019, the properties underwent $1.8 million in renovations, which led to a 10.5% increase in new lease growth. Ultimately, when it was sold in 2021, the firm achieved a gross internal rate of return of 54%, illustrating Carroll’s ability to turn potential into profit.

On the Horizon

As an accomplished expert in the multifamily real estate sector, M. Patrick Carroll is actively looking for opportunities to expand his masterful insights in the single-family residential, office, retail, and hospitality markets, as well as trends beyond real estate to capitalize on and scale up.

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