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If you’re disciplined and pragmatic, it’s always a good time to invest. Necessary investments, in housing, in insurance, in those constants that people will always need, are the driving force behind my philosophy."

Patrick Carroll, Founder

About 999 Holdings

999 Holdings, led by visionary investor and real estate entrepreneur Patrick Carroll, is opening a new chapter in global venture investment that goes beyond real estate into credit and capital sectors. On its own and through partnerships, the firm seeks to cultivate a spectrum of strategic investments, including but not limited to venture capital, traditional private equity, debt restructuring, and capital funds.

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A Global Advantage

Real Estate

For nearly two decades, Patrick Carroll has earned a strong reputation as a leading authority in the multifamily real estate sector, primarily in the Sunbelt and Western U.S. regions. Today, he’s on the lookout for fresh opportunities to apply his expertise in the office, retail, and hospitality markets, as well as exploring trends beyond real estate for future growth.

Private Investment

A knack for collaborative business development and spotting emerging trends drives our long-term investment decisions. We actively seek untapped potential in various sectors like private equity, energy, tech, real estate, venture capital, hedge funds, and private credit. We have the agility to make quick decisions and the desire to maximize potential gains in promising markets.

Giving With Heart

Patrick Carroll’s passionate commitment to actively support causes that educate children about health and wellness is at the heart of his philanthropic giving. The Patrick Carroll Foundation was created as the focal point behind these charitable endeavors.

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