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M. Patrick Carroll and Joe Tacopina dive into new football club ownership status and leadership

M. Patrick Carroll

Atlanta-based real estate investor M. Patrick Carroll has gained recognition for his achievements in the real estate development and investment arena. Subsequent to CARROLL’s founding in 2004, real estate expert M. Patrick Carroll has taken a leadership role in construction, property acquisition, and property management projects throughout the United States East Coast.


In August 2021, M. Patrick Carroll announced that he will expand his investment purview to another growing industry. M. Patrick Carroll is joining business colleague Joe Tacopina in the investment and management oversight of Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor (or SPAL).


This respected (and historic) football team hails from Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Currently, this football (or soccer) team competes in the Italian football league system’s Serie B second tier.


After the purchase contract’s completion, Joe Tacopina and M. Patrick Carroll will begin to move the SPAL organization forward. The two principals have committed to investing $10 million during the project’s initial phases. Their overarching goal is to drive SPAL to another Serie A promotion.


Joe Tacopina Plays a Key Role in SPAL’s Operations


As SPAL’s President and general partner, Joe Tacopina will direct the organization’s overall operations. Although skilled managers will handle the club’s day-to-day activities, Tacopina will maintain a “big picture” perspective in the legal, financial, logistics, and marketing/promotional arenas.


Tacopina places a high value on M. Patrick Carroll’s business expertise. “Pat’s role is more of an owner, as a partner, someone who has enormous talent and experience in the business world. Pat and I speak every day — every single day — about this project and the things we’re doing. Aside from a partner, Pat is a consultant with me.”


Joe Tacopina Offers Sports Management and Legal Experience


Prior to Joe Tacopina’s engagement with SPAL, he served in executive roles with three other notable Italian football clubs. His extensive knowledge of the on-field and front-office aspects of the game positions him well for success with the SPAL organization. The team’s other participating investors, including M. Patrick Carroll, have agreed that Tacopina will function as SPAL’s President.


Joe Tacopina’s extensive legal background will inform his SPAL management responsibilities. A high-profile New York trial attorney, he serves as Tacopina Seigel & Desoreo’s senior partner and principal trial attorney.


When not engaged in his law practice, Tacopina provides legal commentary on major news outlets. He also serves on several professional advisory councils and committees in the New York area.


Patrick Carroll Brings Proven Business Expertise


The SPAL investment marks M. Patrick Carroll’s first foray into the international football arena. However, he is a highly successful real estate investment company owner who has served as the CEO of since 2004.


CARROLL’s in-house capabilities enable the firm to identify, redevelop, and gain optimal returns on desirable submarket properties. Since 2011, the Company has completed $2.6 billion in equity investments in 21 United States markets.


In addition, M. Patrick Carroll has engaged in over $200 million in development and construction management projects. He frequently conducts these activities for the firm’s principals, private investors, and institutional partners.


In 2021, CARROLL manages over $5 billion in assets and owns more than 30,000 East Coast residential and commercial properties. The Company has numerous investments in the rapidly growing multifamily housing sector.


Carroll Details His Involvement with SPAL


On August 28, 2021, M. Patrick Carroll participated in a SPAL press conference in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. In an engaging YouTube video , M. Patrick Carroll delivered remarks about his SPAL venture with Joe Tacopina. To begin, Carroll spoke candidly of his respect for his good friend and business partner.


As the press conference continued, viewers were offered a visual tour of the SPAL stadium and training facility. M. Patrick Carroll also expressed enthusiasm about his new sports-focused investment. When his professional schedule allows, he plans to be onsite at the Ferrara operation.


“This is an exciting opportunity. Joe’s plans for SPAL are very, very exciting…I’m looking forward to being a part of this. It’s a great growth story, and it has great potential. I’m very much enjoying learning about soccer, the business of soccer, and also just the passion,” Carroll concluded.


Growing the Global SPAL Brand


As M. Patrick Carroll and Joe Tacopina begin fine-tuning SPAL’s operations, growing the brand is the executives’ leading priority. To accomplish this multifaceted goal, Carroll stated that the partners would focus on building regional and global excitement around the engaging brand.


The team will utilize the striking SPAL stadium, and involve the football players in strategic ways, to strengthen the brand’s appeal to its target markets. Carroll complimented his partner’s brand marketing and public relations expertise.


“Joe is a master at this,” M. Patrick Carroll emphasized. “That was the thing that got me most interested and convinced me to do it. The more I dig into it, the more I like it.”


“Lots of opportunities to improve the financial situation…Lots of revenue opportunities that are very visible that we plan to take advantage of…Just parlaying off Joe’s previous success, his name, his reputation of winning, that’s what got me most excited,” Carroll said.


SPAL Appeals to the Next Generation


Patrick Carroll expressed enthusiasm about soccer’s growing popularity in the United States. In fact, he noted that this widespread interest is the factor that convinced him to invest in the SPAL operation. He added that all his children are dedicated soccer fans.


“The growth of soccer, and popularity of soccer in the US, is what really got me interested…So that’s really what got me excited…The idea of getting young players started early, building them up, it’s a great sport.”


To introduce younger generations to the game (and culture) of soccer, M. Patrick Carroll will help to establish SPAL Academies in strategic North American markets. Carroll’s longtime affinity for sports, and superb organizational skills, make him an ideal focal point for SPAL’s United States Academy.


Carroll’s highly competitive nature will continue to fuel his desire to be the best at everything he does. “I’m very excited about the international exposure and very excited to win,” he concluded.

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